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condoleezza rice balls
terror alert jello
scooter libby pie
mission accomplished fig newton
trout a la waterboard
potatoes abu grahib
heck of a job brownie
wire tapioca
baba rumsfeld
dick cheney bird shot salad
shoe fly pie
about feast

Feast for Bush is a memorial for the George W. Bush presidency, a series of dishes commemorating a legacy that couldn’t possibly fit onto one plate. These edible keepsakes are a play on the old adage “you are what you eat” and a gentle reminder that you also are what you are fed.

I spent 2008-2009 exploring cooking as catharsis, a means of revisiting, lamenting and releasing more than a few ghosts, past and present. My challenge was to create dishes both elegantly prepared and morally suspect, depicting figures and events of note, from the notorious to the comedic.

What began, in earnest, as a latent form of protest has evolved into a closer examination of the power of politics and the inescapable culpability of the American citizen.

Since completing Feast for Bush I have maintained a fascination with the concept "you are what you eat".
In 2012 ediblegovernment.com, an ongoing culinary exploration of the people and events that shape American politics, was launched. I hope you will enjoy.